2008年10月30日 星期四


It is already Q4 of the year and I am in middle of the peak season at work, just as the years before. No doubt there are tons of stress. But I am learning to stay focused; to concentrate; to deal with priorities; to handle work in more effective manner; try to work things out and get the result expected. I am also learning to stay balanced with my after-work live, spend time on doing other non-routine leisure stuff. Most important of all is to stay healthy. Even after work, I noticed that I actually had to concentrate on unloading the stress, forget about work and tried to relax. The 5-day work is kind of like in battle -- you are not sure what would turn out but you know you need to stay in shape and there is just no time for playing emotions.

2008年10月18日 星期六

Hair Salon

Everytime before I am determined to walk in, I used to have struggle, reluntance, hesitation and on top of that the unwillingness to sit there for hours! But still, everytime the ritual is over, the weariness is gone and the energy is built. I just have a wonderful sensation filled with confidence and more. As soon as I walk out from the hair salon, I just feel I am re-born; revitalized, refreshed; and it just feels so good. It's so physical and psychological......

2008年10月14日 星期二

staying on track

(網絡圖片) For the past couple weeks, I have been trying to put my chaotic life somewhat back on (or near) track. I picked up books which were left in boxes and start reading; I meditated over my role at work; I thought more about my career; I put more focus on doing my job neatly and effectively; I tried to work out some schedule for everyday to balance off my work; I tried to put some regularity back to my wandering pace. Lately I am using the blog to examine my thoughts, try to adjust my perspective and learn to be more confident and optimistic about everything. For the last few weeks, there has been talking about the latest financial tsunami. I began to question about my profession. Though I was not among one of the Lehman's bondholder, the market sentiment became volatile and fragile and it feels like some outbreak is on its way. I get more concerned about having enough cash in my hands. I even tried to postpone my trip; and start thinking about cutting expenses. Maybe I'm just being too uptight. Luckily I don't have a family to raise yet. But this does not ease the tension very much. Somehow, somewhere, I know I need to pull myself together and get going with my sweet-n-sour life. I hope I can manage to make some sense out of all this and perhaps when I look back someday, this could be some lession to learn.

2008年10月10日 星期五


近日正追看「與敵同行」,劇情亦越見緊湊,一幕比一幕驚心動魄,特別當臨近尾聲,兩老表嘅口和心不和,不知誰勝誰敗,特別見到安仔(唐立言)個陰深樣真有點心寒! 近呢個星期每晚都不自覺地追看下去,一小時的時間亦很快過,而且越看越緊迫,很多時更壓迫得令人有點難以呼吸的感覺,一眾演員嘅演出,加上氣氛緊張,好耐未試過追劇追得咁肉緊。


十月十日,是她的生日,不經不覺,她已離開了我們五年,留下祇有思念... Happy Birthday!

2008年10月7日 星期二


唔知由幾時開始..機場已成為我喜愛的一個地方..每次去到機場..都會有種興奮雀躍的感覺..漸漸地..它亦成為了我心中的一片天地..每當感到鬱澀愁悶的時候..去機場走一趟就可以幫我解開煩憂..或者是因為看見客旅等待上機出發..心中不自覺地感到奇妙的盼望..就算不是真的上機去..在周圍的地方流連一陣..也令人舒暢的..在這個神奇地帶..或者可以讓自己平靜下來..好好去整理一下凌亂的思緒.. 繼續前行

2008年10月6日 星期一

(樂觀) x (積極)

有時,人最大的軟弱,並不一定是肉體,反而是不肯去面對問題,不斷去逃避的思維,或者歸根咎底,都是將問題放得太大,有時zoom得太近,只會focus到問題的表面或是某一角,不懂得從另一個角度去看事情,更失去客觀判斷,往往令自己感到進退失據,更影響信心。 最近,一直在逃避的人和事終於要面對,雖然在面對的一刻很有行刑的感覺,但回想起來,情況亦並非想像中般可怕,去面對是需要很大的勇氣,當事情過後,總會發覺或者是當初將事情看得太嚴重,太負面,給自己承受了太大的壓力,甚至有想窒息的感覺!也許這是從小到大已建立的思維,是時候需要澈澈底底的改變。 面對人生,總需要有正面積極的態度,堅定及坦然的精神,自己可以做的,就是將事情盡量處理,就算是能力範圍外,起碼令到事情不要太糟,與其愁眉苦臉去等失敗,倒不如自然不迫的去面對一切吧! 特別在這紛擾時候,就更需要用樂觀積極的態度去一一面對。或者,希望在明天!